Alan Hilburg
President and CEO

Alan Hilburg, President and CEO of Hilburg Associates, is recognized as a global expert in building trust-based leadership teams and organizations to achieve multi-generational, multi-functional cultural integration.

Alan pioneered the disciplines of modern-day crisis leadership as an integrated management response to avoid, prevent and contain crises in today’s VUCA environment and protect leadership assets.

His management of the Tylenol crisis in 1982 has been memorialized as the platinum case history at the Harvard Business School. In a highly rewarded career, he has been called on to guide and navigate international political and business leaders, celebrities and NBO boards in successfully resolving more than 200 high-risk crises of the past 35 years. 

As a speaker, Alan has been invited to deliver more than 260 speeches in the past seven years on leading and thriving in a VUCA world. His body of work focuses on guidance of leadership teams in becoming transformation-ready organizations by driving culture and values as the foundation of competitive transformation.

As a self-professed serial educator, he teaches crisis and risk communications at George Mason University; and trust, culture and risk at the University of California-Irvine in addition to lecturing at more than a dozen other U.S., Asian, African and European universities.

Over Alan's career, his commitment to sharing knowledge has guided him in mentoring many young professionals. He has served as a marketing consultant to the National Mentoring Partnership and Big Brothers/Big Sisters.  He is also a past board member of the Dallas Zoo, Washington Chamber Symphony, LunGevity Fdtn and a number of other local organizations.

In his limited free time, Alan can either be found tending to his bees on his farm in Virginia, or visiting olive groves around the world.